If you have lung cancer dont' guess test.

“Don’t Guess. Test.” is an initiative aimed to expand awareness and educate patients about precision medicine and the importance of comprehensive genomic testing in lung cancer.

It is our hope that through this initiative, every patient with lung cancer and their families, friends and caretakers will be motivated to take action by opening a dialogue with their doctors about comprehensive genomic testing to ensure all possible treatment options are explored.

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Q: What Test?A: The Comprehensive Genomic Profile Test.

It May Expand Your Treatment Options:

Standard Types of Treatments
For All Patients With Lung Cancer

  • Radiation Radiation
  • Chemotherapy Chemotherapy
  • Surgey Surgery

Multiple Targeted Therapies
Tailored To Each Patient's Unique Cancer

  • Target Therapies Targeted Therapies
  • Clinical Trials Clinical Trials

Don't Guess if Your Current Treatment Is The Only Option.

Ask your doctor about comprehensive genomic profiling
to learn about targeted therapies that may be right for you.

Q: How Can It Help Me?A: It May Help Your Doctor Tailor The Treatment To You.

There are as many types of lung cancer as there are lung cancer patients.

  • DNA Your DNA controls how your
    cells grow and function.
  • Altered DNA Altered or damaged DNA
    can cause abnormal cell growth
    and lead to cancer.
  • Unique DNA Your DNA is unique, and so is
    the genomic makeup of your cancer.
  • Tailored Drugs Drugs tailored to your
    tumor's DNA can fight your
    cancer more effectively.

Comprehensive genomic profiling can match
your tumor's DNA with targeted therapies

Targeted Therapy
  • Existing Targeted Therapies
  • Are drugs currently FDA approved and are designed to more precisely identify and attack cancer cells, limiting damage to normal cells.
  • Can be more effective and less toxic than standard treatments because they are tailored to each patient based on their tumor's DNA.
  • Clinical Trials for Potential Targeted Therapies
  • Offer current patients early exposure to cutting-edge drugs and therapies.
  • Accelerate the pace at which new therapeutics are approved for patient care.

Q: Why comprehensive testing?To make sure you know all your potential treatment options.

Not all genomic tests are the same.

Comprehensive Testing

Comprehensive Testing

Comprehensive genomic testing examines all of the relevant cancer related genes in your tumor sample and matches them to targeted therapies.

Standard Genomic Testing

Standard Genomic Testing

Standard genomic testing examines only a limited set of cancer related genes and does not provide a complete picture.

Comprehensive testing saves time and tissue by finding all available potential treatments based on a patient's unique tumor genomic profile.

Q: How do I get tested?A: Ask your doctor.

  • Step One Step One

    Ask your doctor about comprehensive genomic testing.

  • Step Two Step Two

    Your doctor sends a sample of your tumor to a lab.

  • Step Three Step Three

    DNA from your tumor sample is used to identify all cancer related genes.

  • Step Four Step Four

    A report is sent to your doctor with your tumor's genomic profile matched to targeted therapies & clinical trials.

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